Build your test bench
using open-source hardware

Visualize and analyze data
with an HTML5 web application

Automate your testing procedure
with a desktop robot

We build low cost open hardware customized devices for collecting, visualizing, and analyzing sensor data for test benches-like applications. We also automate testing procedure combining data acquisition with desktop affordable robots.


Sensor integration

Sensor integration

We integrate information for virtually any kind of sensors, but mainly motion and positioning ones: resolvers, encoders, load cells, LVDT, RVDT, IMUs. We find a commercially available sensor board or build one preferably using off the shelf components. Later we connect those boards to Arduino or other single-board microcontroller and develop the necessary code to provide a coherent interface to sensor data via serial data buses or standard communication protocols.

HTML5 SCADA-like web application

An HTML5 web application, ready just by opening the web browser, allows to visualize sensor data and provides necessary functions to transform, analyze and save data. Server software uses server sent events to push data to the client browser on a real-time fashion, and integrates a database for offline data review and administration purposes. An embedded Raspberry Pi board runs the server software and provides a WiFi network for connecting to it.

Open-source software and hardware

We rely on open-source software and standard libraries for building applications. C++, Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS are our day-to-day programming languages. For web application building we prefer Python web frameworks such as Django and Flask. If we need to model a part we use FreeCAD, and export it to Cura for later printing in our Ultimaker printers.

Robots for automated testing

Sometimes you need to automate your test procedure: moving your device while taking measures. A cartesian or articulated robot can be incorporated in the test bench for that matter. Depending on requirements (and your budget) we may propose small low cost 5 or 6 axis robots, ad hoc XY or XYZ cartesian robots, or industrial grade ones like R17 from ST Robotics, Franka from Franka Emika or UR-3 from Universal Robots. We can also retrofit a controller to a second-hand robot if budget restriction is a must.

About us

We are (yet) a small company located in Madrid (Spain) formed by people passionate about robotics with multidisciplinary increasing knowledge in electronics, robotics, and programming.


We aim to provide solutions for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) who don’t have enough resources for accessing big companies focused providers.

Our main expertise is as integrators, that’s in fact what we love to do: listen to your needs, find in the market technologies and mechanical, electronic and software parts which can bring a proof of concept to life, develop a prototype and hopefully help you manufacturing an industrial grade solution.

Of course, we follow with increasing expectation current technological waves: Industry 4.0, (Industrial) Internet of Things and Collaborative Robotics.

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Centro Comercial Guadalupe
Ctra. Canillas, 136 1st floor, 4 B
28043 Madrid – Spain

Phone: (+34) 639 537 340
eMail: info(at)leanrobots(dot)com

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